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Hardware Development Research Lines

We carry out a resolution of hardware projects in which is necessary to cover all the phases of the development: technologic conceptualization of the product, designing it, prototype it, implantation of the firmware, quality control of the product, homologations and support to the final team production. We have at our disposal, a great experience on the execution of projects in which is necessary a close collaboration with the developers of the client’s company R+D departments. Therefore, an extension of these departments is created, together with an adaptation to their design, documentation and production standards.

In the last years, we have successfully worked on the textile electronic application, and the control of the electric variations of a fiber knitted with conductor threads. This way, we are about to generate a group of applications that can contribute to the revolution of the textile world in the next years.

Regarding energy efficiency, we work on the TIC application in the reduction of environmental impact of buildings, not only from the organization and calculation but in the direct measure of the constructive systems and finished buildings. In concrete, we work on the domotic part and building management systems (BMS), as well as on experimental measures, monitoring and TIC applications in the building energetic optimization.

The main services offered are:

Made-to-measure hardware design. Combinations between analogue, digital and power hardware. Designs for prototyping and technologic evaluation, as well as for massive production.

Firmware. Software analysis and implementation for all types of microprocessors and microcontrollers, with the possibility of complementary tools development for its posterior production. Low and high level languages.

Advice in processes of prototype industrialization. Advice from the design process to the production line.



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