Research Group in Intelligent Systems
N�ria Maci�


The Grup de Recerca en Sistemes Intel·ligents (Research Group in Intelligent Systems), GRSI, is a consolidated research group that is recognized and funded by the Government of Catalonia since 2002 (2002-SGR-00155, 2005-SGR-00302 and 2009-SGR-183).
The research of the group is focused on Machine Learning, especially on the field of Knowledge Discovery from Databases (also known as Data Mining). We aim at extracting interesting patterns from moderate and large data sets. In this framework, GRSI works on different stages of the process of data mining: pre-processing, characterization of data sets, analysis for a better understanding and improvement of machine learning techniques, methodologies to evaluate learners, and post-processing. During the last few years, the research has mainly focused on learning methods inspired by natural principles and analogy. The group is known for its expertise on Evolutionary Computation, Soft Case-Based Reasoning, and Neural Networks. We seek for applying our research to real-world domains which may benefit society in the near future. Some of our recent applications are the support tool to the diagnosis of breast cancer, and the computer-aided analysis of attacks in computer networks. Currently, we are working on other challenging medical and industry applications.